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Our History

Since the first jar of apple butter in 1970, it’s been about family values, togetherness, and a legacy of honesty, integrity, and faith. Our delicious, flavorful, well-loved family favorites are merely a happy by-product. Built on that strong foundation of purpose, today the Dillman Farm family thoughtfully crafts, by-hand, over 100 home style products in our Bloomington, Indiana cookhouse.

And we believe that the food we eat should be as simple as possible because our families deserve good, honest, and tasty food. As we look to the future we commit to our customers and to ourselves to keep our family and yours at the center of everything we do.

Our Products

We take great pride in making our products the old-fashioned way—by using whole fruit and pure cane sugar. Our products are free of preservatives and corn syrups, meaning we pack as much fruit as possible into every jar. You get more of the stuff you want, less of the stuff you don’t. And our commitment to simplicity extends to our packaging as we use 20% recycled glass in our jars and up to 50% recycled cardboard in our boxes.

We’ve made our reputation the old-fashioned way, using whole fruit and pure sugar cane. – Carl Dillman