About Us

dillman farms
Our products are free of preservatives, corn syrups, and additives. We are a Kosher certified facility and all products are gluten-free and vegan.  Our recipes are simple but our taste is superior. Pure. Clean. Simple.

Our Story

Based out of Bloomington Indiana, Dillman Farm has been crafting all natural products since 1970. It started when Carl Dillman began making oven baked apple butter for a restaurant in Brown County and delivering it while out on his milk route for Johnson’s Creamery. As demand for Carl’s apple butter grew, so did the product line. Today, our product lineup includes all natural fruit butters, preserves, mustards, salsas, and barbecues. Since it’s inception, Dillman Farm has gone through many trials including a fire in 1991 and a tornado in 2011. Through it all, Carl’s legacy of making all natural, delicious products lives on today through his son Cary Dillman along with family and friends.

At Dillman Farm we believe that the food we eat should be as simple as possible because our families deserve good, honest, and tasty food. As we look to the future we commit to our customers and to ourselves to keep our family and yours at the center of everything we do.