Do you want a fun and profitable way to fundraise money for your church, school, athletic program, or other organization?  Check out our fundraising options at Dillman Farm!


Why choose Dillman Farm?

  • You get to keep 50% of the profit, that's more than most other fundraisers!
  • It is a healthy, delicious pantry item that everyone buys regularly.
  • Only simple, all-natural ingredients go into our product
  • We are a Kosher certified facility and all our products are gluten free and vegan
  • Our products are free of preservatives, corn syrups, and additives
  • All our products are made in Bloomington, Indiana
  • We use glass jars because it is better for the environment, and they have a thousand uses once the jar is empty.



Why not offer your supporters the opportunity to purchase a quality product that they will truly use and enjoy? Dillman Farm firmly believes that a great product makes all the difference in having a successful fundraiser. So, you really have nothing to lose – only profit to gain – by pursuing a fundraiser opportunity with Dillman Farm.   Thank you for your interest in fundraising with Dillman Farm!  We look forward to hearing from your group and helping you reach your goals!


Check out our fundraising option below:


Catalog Fundraiser – earn 50% profit

 2022 Brochure


If you are interested in Fundraising at Dillman Farm, email or call 812-825-5525.  After approval, we will send you the official brochure and order form! 


 Still wondering if you should fundraise will Dillman Farm?  You may be wondering if anything is in it for you besides money for your program!  Check out our amazing incentives below!

Each individual will be given a 3 gift box of their choosing to display when getting orders.

  •  For each individual who sells 10 or more boxes, they will be able to keep their gift box with no additional charge.  If 10 are not sold, they may purchase the gift box.
  •  The top seller of gift boxes in your organization, if over 30+ boxes, will receive a $50 gift card!


Have any questions about our fundraising options?  Email or call 812-825-5525